At The Animal Guy, our two main objectives are: * providing our customers with a wildlife-free area * using the most humane method possible for wildlife removal. We use various methods for removal including live trapping, one-way traps, and catch and release. The method used depends on the circumstances surrounding the job. When we trap wildlife, they are either taken to a local rehab facility or, if possible, is released into its natural habitat – the wilderness.

Our objectives are listed in order of priority, however, as our number one priority is customer satisfaction. You can trust that when you hire the The Animal Guys, you are ensuring that your home will be wildlife-free and that we will do everything within our power to remove the wildlife humanely.

Because each and every wildlife removal situation is uniquely challenging, we treat it with the care and forethought demanded by the problem. Factors include animal type, property damage, and the specific needs of each house to prevent re-entry. We send a professional representative to examine the area of concern and develop a strategy for removal. The assessor will determine the most efficient and cost effective method and provide you with an estimate completely free of charge.

With years of experience and referrals, you can trust us to get the job done right, when we say; for how much we say. By providing the best value for our service we stay at the top of the industry and always provide our customers with competitive rates, friendly service, and a job well done; every time.

With animal safety one of our main priorities, we go to great lengths to ensure baby animals are handled safely and with care. We employ a variety of methods to ensure that if there are any baby wildlife present, we safely remove them and transport them away with their mother, or we transfer them to one of our preferred wildlife rehabilitation facilities. We use thermal imaging, UV technology, and entryway monitors to safely remove all baby wildlife from the premises.

We accept most forms of payment including: * all major credit cards * checks * cash, and Bitcoin.

Absolutely not! We only believe in safe and humane wildlife control. We never use poisons, harmful traps, or harsh chemicals to remove wildlife. We believe in providing these creatures, whatever they may be, a chance to live freely in their natural habitat.

What sets The Animal Guy apart from others is simple: A balance approach. We believe that we are the good guy to both our customers and the wildlife we are removing. We strive to provide the absolute best job available – an animal proof structure, quality repair, and an after-job guarantee that’s sure to satisfy! At the same time, we seek to respect the lives of the wildlife we are removing. We prioritize our customers over the animals disturbing them every time, however, we do hold a great respect for wildlife.

We Pride ourselves knowing that we have provided our customers the best service available while providing the animals a new chance at life somewhere besides your property. This approach makes us the most dependable in the wildlife control industry and its what separates us from the competition today. You can believe that when you call Little Rock & Conways’  most trusted wildlife control company, you will be more than happy that you called The Animal Guy!