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Humane Removal Trained specialists remove your wildlife using a humane, effective, and guaranteed approach.

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What Animals Are You Having Issues With?

We remove bats safely, effectively, and humanely. With our unique statewide service throughout Arkansas , we help more people take back their homes and properties from invasive bats.  We take great care ensuring that your property is free of bats when we leave and that all entries are fortified to prevent re-entry. 

Squirrels are one of the most common residential wildlife problems in the country and typically invade homeowners’ attics. If you notice any of these signs in your home or business, you will know its time to call The Animal Guy for squirrel removal.

Rat proofing can be a difficult task. We start our process by thoroughly searching for any possible crack, hole, or tunnel that might put your structure at risk for infestation.

Whether you have a large commercial building or a small residence, we are more than capable of providing you with a permanent, humane solution for all your rodent problems and look forward to serving you.

Raccoons are resourceful pests that can quickly wear out their welcome in your home or around your property.  Raccoons are moderate-sized mammals averaging between two and three feet in length. 

As regional leaders in the wildlife removal, we set the standard of excellence for service.  At the first sign of trouble, we will provide you with a free service estimate and write-up.  We then move into action as we seek to remove the raccoons (including kits) from your home, seal every potential entry point, and rehome the raccoons back to the wild or to a rehabilitation center. 

Skunks are common, nocturnal pests that are well known for their destructive habits as they can devastate gardens, building foundations, and landscaping. 

No one is better suited to handle your skunk issues than The Animal Guys!  We have the tools, the experience, and the skill to make sure your homes are skunk-free, forever.  For a typical skunk removal, we will use a one-way. We strive to ensure your home becomes skunk-free quickly and without a hassle. 

Opossums are typically docile pests that mostly aggravate through leaving waste in your insulation, producing offspring, and frustrating your pets. Opossum removal becomes necessary when these persistent creatures take up a residence in or around your home. They can become an irritant quickly which makes it important to deal with sooner rather that later.

We provide a dead animal removal service for wildlife that may have died in or near your home. 

We offer bi-yearly snake repellent treatment for properties with persistent problems.

At this time we do not offer any services for armadillos.

At this time we do not offer any yard services for mole removal.

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Wildlife bugging you ? For three generations, we been providing residents and business owners with dependable wildlife control solutions. We take pride in having the same quality standards we had nearly 40 years ago.

Our wildlife removal professionals live in and around the neighborhoods they service so that we can provide fast, affordable and reliable animal removal and damage repair services.

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The Animal Guy provides wildlife control services in central Arkansas. Including Conway, Little Rock, and North Little Rock.

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Our primary area of service is in Little Rock. Our office is located here so that a technician is always available in your area.

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Our neighboring city, North Little Rock almost always has a technician available in your area.

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Our service technicians operate in and around Conway, with experts on every nuisance wildlife species.

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Are you outside of our immediate area? Just ask us if we travel to your area!

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